The thoughts, reflections, rants, raves, on my life; The life of a Christian, black, gay, male.

This [probably] is the last i will say about it: There are some that will NEVER see; some because they do not want to, some because they cant. Ones that cant might not be able to see because they come from a realities of entitlement, privilege, and favor. For them to fathom the realities if discrimination, disadvantagement, and disapproval is so far removed from anything that they have ever known, for someone to present them with those realities or even aspects of those realities not only do they not see them or accept them as true but might actually become angry because they might believe they are being lied too. An example of this is the reality of how travel abroad alone means something far different for women then it does for men. A man concerns with traveling to a foreign country might be, "Will i get the exchange rate right?" where as a woman traveling might say, "Will someone try to rape me in this country." A good friend of mine whom has traveled extensively was the first to tell me about this and not only does a woman concern herself with, "Will i be raped?" but also, "if i am what happens then?" An example of this is the link, (http://www.kcby.com/news/national/Woman-says-she-was-raped-in-Dubai-is-put-in-jail-for-having-sex-outside-of-marriage-216240061.html) Someone whose only worry about going to a job interview is, " Am I qualified enough." may not every fully understand why someone might be worried and say, "I went on the interview and i did not see any _____ working there." that POWERFUL statement has no point of connect with them because their reality has ALWAYS been that there has been someone in resemblance of themselves no matter where they have been and they have never had to question why there was not. There are those that are also products of self hatred or have been halted by a tragic event and have not been able to move pass said event. For them, all _____'s are just the same as the one or group of _____ (s) that did _____ to them. This is not self preservation this is the definition of bigotry. For these people they can not see because what has happen to them has been so traumatic that they emotionally placed themselves in the same situation whenever they encounter a ______ (s). There are those that have always come from privilege so the realities of disadvantage has no meaning. Working to pull oneself up by ones bootstraps only applies if ones has boots. The thought that one might not have boots, or shoes, or has been systematically prevented from attaining the knowledge to make boots. Is something that is again, unfathomable, not real, and could spark anger because to them, that concept is foreign to anything they know. The hunger that is in the persons belly that has food, land, seed, and knowledge to grow food, or money to buy food is not the same hunger that is in the person belly that has no food, no land, seed, or knowledge to grow food or is prevented from attaining land, seed, & knowledge and or no money, or is prevented from money to buy food. the complex social structures that says ______(s) are _______ is the same complex social structure that says _____(s) are also ______. If the reality of person/group A has been historically & traditionally: discrimination, disadvantagement, and disapproval that shapes the lens that person/group A sees the world. If the reality of person/group B has been historically & traditionally: entitlement, privilege, and favor that shapes the lens that person/group B sees the world. What is real for group A is not the same for group B and A & B are not ready to see truth. Those that have sat in places of power have often dictated what is truth for those that do not and reality is often misunderstood to be what is the same for one is the same for all when THE ACTUALLY TRUTH IS what is real for one may not and infact may be drastically different for all.

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I offer my own unique voice, my own vision. I think the saying goes that writers write because no one else can say what they have to say quite the way they have to say it. That is why I write, that is what I offer.



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