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I will let you read this and then I will post my response. PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS

""""Earlier in the day, Masters feared the saggy pants law was going down in defeat based upon an informal exit poll. But that changed as more voters went to the polls, he said.

Masters believes Riviera Beach is the first large city to pass a saggy pants law through an election. Others have been approved by ordinance through a board vote.

Riviera Beach joins the city of Opa-Locka, the Atlanta school district and several small southern towns with "pull up your pants" laws.

Under the new law, anyone with droopy pants that show skin or underwear faces legal action. The first offense carries a $150 fine or community service. A second infraction carries a $300 fine or more community service.

Habitual violators could face up to 60 days in jail. The jail provision produced a last-minute backlash to the ordinance. But the law was popular among elderly voters who apparently turned out at the polls.

"It's not our intent to get rich off of fines or lock people up in jail," said an elated Masters. "It's about a simple message: pull up your pants."

Masters was also successful in campaigning against three of the 20 city charter amendments promoted by the city council. Voters said no to extending the mayor and city council terms from two to three years. They also rejected stripping the mayor of his power to suspend employees, a measure that Masters vigorously campaigned against.

Voters also choose to allow the leasing of the municipal marina, which is critical to the city's redevelopment plan. The vote paves the way for the community redevelopment agency to negotiate with master developer Viking Inlet Harbor Properties.

Viking's plan hinges on leasing the marina and upgrading the neighboring Bicentennial Park. The developer's goal is to turn the 13th Street corridor into an international destination for tourists and locals."""""

WAIT THE @!@#$!@# A MINUET HERE! So you mean to tell me that its LEGAL in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to "DICTATE" what is proper attire and what is not? Yes I do know where "saggin" comes from and yes I do know the whole deal about it being spelled backwards "niggas" yet this is still AMERICA and last I checked the 1st amendment gave us all the right to the freedom of speech and expression of said speech so how did this pass? If this is the way that is the way who every chooses to express themselves and it

A: does no harm intentionally or unintentionally to themselves or others

B: Is not indecent (meaning that private parts are not naked and out for display)

Then how the hell did they do this?

I truly believe that this is just another way to harass the youth or whom ever who might not know that they can not do this to them and also a way to cash in on some money and line someone’s (say an idiotic mayor looking for re-election) pockets.

If they put on the ballots

"anyone wearing big black sunglasses from the 80's that covered your entire head or helmet hair cuts also from the 80's will be subject to a $150 fine or the first offense, a $300 dollar fine for the second offense, and 60 day in jail for continuous action"

People would see how ridiculous this is. What’s next? If you have a Mohawk that's $200 bucks, if you hair is blue or purple that's $450. Dressing in all black that’s $300, White after Labor Day $350. If your a male and your hair is longer than your shoulders $500

I mean come on people this is outrageous. The people I want in jail and off the streets are the people whom would harm me, kill me, rob me, or do some other crazy thing that might affect me and my family in a negative way. Sense they are using my tax dollars to kept them fed and housed I don’t want some 14 year old kid who is trying to be cute or imitate something he saw on TV in jail and doing community service when he should be in school learning something that will keep him out of the system that this type of idiotic law puts him in. I see it now

“What are you in here for? Saggin”

how stupid and waste of time and tax payers dollars. I’m sure that there must be SOMETHING more important to the Florida police departments than patrolling for pants being too low. How are they going to determine this as well? Will they pounce out of the squad cars with rulers and say “your pants are an inch too low we’re taking you in” We have made it ILLEGAL for someone to express themselves, we’ve made it ILLEGAL for someone to BE themselves. We are even more down the road of 1984 here.

All hail the introduction of the fashion police

About three months ago I was having some trouble with my Norton anti-virus program. It was seriously down and out of commission for about two days. The problem seems to have reset its self and it is working fine now. In the following few days however, I contacted various Norton people, left e-mails, and even posted on their Tech support page. As I said before the problem seems to have reset its self, no one ever responded to any e-mails or any messages that I sent or the tech support page. Today however I get this

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it
within the next 21 days.

Technical Support

Discussion Thread
Response (Gokul.Srinivasan) - 02/03/2008 06:02 AM
Greetings Chris,

Thank you for contacting Symantec Technical Support.

We notice that you had posted us an email about an issue with your Norton product. We had responded to it with the appropriate troubleshooting steps. After observing that you have not responded to us about the status of the issue, we would like to know whether the issue has been resolved or if we could be of further assistance.

We will be more than happy to help you resolve the issue, if it still persists.

At Symantec, we strive to build enduring relationships with our customers by anticipating their needs and consistently exceeding their expectations. We value the opportunity to serve your needs.

If you would like one of our senior experts from technical support to help you resolve this issue please reply to this email. While replying to this mail, please do not change the subject line.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to a continued association with you.


Team Supervisor
Symantec Technical Support”

It went on to give me directions on downloading this and reinstalling that. In reality all I had to do was just stress out and not use my computer for a week in fear of malicious infections, everything after was dandy. It is truly nice to see that the term “Timely manner” is still a corporate value.

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