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Very early this morning California's supreme court decided to up hold inequality. The highest court in the land ruled that equality for all does not include same sex couples and held that Prop (Ha +)8 was valid. Leaving for a moment the precedent this sets (the majority group and create laws that take away rights from groups of minorities and the court will up hold them.) and going to what this really means.

It means that in the state of California I'm a second class citizen, but im expected to pay state income taxes as if i where not.

This should be more that a wake up call people. I think its time that we show California that without OUR money this state would be in more trouble than it is.

We spend more money than anyone on "luxury" items in this state and we pay our taxes just like everyone else, but unlike everyone else we still are not granted the SAME (NOT ABOVE AND BEYOND BUT THE SAME) protections under the law.


and remember your history. Its started with gays and lesbians, then came gypsies, then it was the jews. Do we need to even get that far before we SHOW OUR GOVERNMENT, THE PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR US that this is wrong, dead wrong.

If you have a job in this rough economy get together with your fellow LBGT coworkers and call in (or out) gay.

With pride just around the corner i wonder what would the economies of SF, LA, and San Diego do if ALL THAT MONEY BROUGHT IN FROM PRIDES were to disappear?

This is BS people and something truly needs to be done

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