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Just some things I did last night.

let me know what you think

(I might delete this because these pics did not come out the way I would have liked)


eclipse of a toxic sun


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so these are the latest  ones

let me know what you think

i call this one
mountains, clouds & water


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For the past two, going on three weeks now I’ve been painting everyday. I just woke up and said to myself,

“I feel like painting.”

and I haven’t stopped.

Of course these are by no means professional. I gladly and proudly proclaim these amateur. ( Wrote a poem about the word amateur will post latter.)

These are all done in oil, and I am still searching for the perfect spot to take a proper picture that will properly translate what I painted. I have a lot more that I will post latter but for now these are the only pictures of the painting that I feel are acceptable.

ALL FEEDBACK IS WELCOME as long as it is constructive. If you think it sucks, tell me why. If you think its great, tell me why.


I call this one Chaos Kontrol



This  is Man


This is Woman.



This is either: Earth, Life, In-between the shades of Grey, or Shot of happiness. Haven’t made up my mind yet. 



This is High noon in the home land.



This is Monday.  :-)



This is Flesh tones or Shades



I haven’t titled this one yet.



Haven’t titled this one yet.



This is either The void is what you see or The Pessimist



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