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I was reading something a friend of mine had written about Science and Scientists. I did not post this to his comments because

A: I don’t want to be his contrarian which I have been feeling like as of late and

B: this is way too long

It really made me think and remember things from long ago. I had a friend whom was a devout atheist and held that science was the only answer to any question that man could ever ask of the universe. At that time in my life I had just been “born again” so I was more religious than spiritual but, I still hold fast to what I eventually said to him then which I think led him into Buddhism but that is another topic. I said to him

“Science IS one of the greatest things that man has ever come up with but it only explains HOW, and leaves out WHY. You could go out into a forest and study every rock, tree, bug, animal and so on and be able to explain every aspect of HOW every thing in that forest works but, science will never be able to tell you WHY the tree is a tree and not a rock, the bird is not a lion, why the ant is not a worm or even why the forest is not an ocean. Science is only HALF the answer. He asked me did I know then why a tree was a tree, an ant an ant, and so on. I told him no of course not nobody does. He said then whats is my point. I said to him that’s just it. Some things I don’t want to know or even need to know. What good does it serve me to know why a tree is a tree and not a rock also, if I did know that answer then would I not be responsible for that knowledge?”

We could have went on for hours but this was in the middle of chemistry class and the teacher stopped us because nobody was paying any attention to her. Now that I’m (a little) older and not as devout in religion but more into the growth of the sprit I learned long ago that you can not change people but they change themselves and your purpose is only to share the knowledge that you have with them. The rest is up to them and what every they do or do not believe in. Again don’t get me wrong I BELIEVE in science but even science disproves its own self and contradicts its self all the time.

The photon camera experiment

If you shone a light down an enclosed tunnel with a camera at the one end and a slide in the middle that had slits so small the light could only pass through the slits ONE photon at a time. The Theory is that sense light, and sound travel in waves when the light hits the other end the same pattern should repeat if you were to pull the slide out and put it back. Not only does this not happen but when tested scientist have found that photons were not following wave theory and creating an interference wave pattern. It was as if the same photon was traveling through two different slits at the same time. Science proved something that was scientifically impossible

Black Holes

Basically all physics, all math do not apply to a black hole. Scientist said it was impossible for anything to have gravity = to ∞ yet, a black hole does. Which meant that its gravitational pull was > than the speed of light. Yet again something that was thought to be impossible. We all know from various science classes that if you could travel to a black hole you would get sucked in and as you approached the pulsar you would be stretched out basically over the span of billions of miles till you reached a point of nothingness were there is no gravity, no time, no light, nothing. So too does this happen to the light and all matter that a black hole sucks in. A state were waves are stretched into a line. Which implies that in geometric terms point “A” and point “B” while on the same line are different they are also the same. Time, sound, light all travel in waves so if waves are stretched flat in a black whole does time, and light go on forever in a black whole or do they just stop?? Hence, all mathematics that you learn in high school, and even in some colleges don’t make sense and are not used to “mathematically” explain Black holes.


Life is for the living. Ask your questions and receive your answers I believe in science but remember there ARE things that science can not answer and when science tries to do so they only end up with more questions and still no answer to the original question.

There is an old Chinese tale about the Immortal Monkey King whom hatched from a rock. After pissing everybody off on earth the Jade Emperor let him into heaven to appease the human race. It was not long till he pissed off everyone in heaven. The Jade Emperor not knowing what to do, had the Buddha talk with monkey. Buddha made a bet with the monkey.

“If you are as powerful as you say you are then jump from one end of my hand to the other.”

Monkey laughed at The Buddha and jumped with all his might. He looked down as he jumped and saw mountains the earth and the heavens. When he landed he looked around for The Buddha to make fun of him and mock him but he did not see him so he basically “TAGGED” a pillar which he thought to be the end of heaven. He then jumped back to the Buddha and the Buddha was laughing at him. He was pissed and asked him why he was laughing and the Buddha showed him that not only had he not jumped out of his hand but had tagged his index finger which he had thought was a pillar at the end of heaven. The Buddha then placed him under a mountain guarded by a special sutra (and some type of monster I forget but this is all paraphrased anyway ) for 500 years till he “calmed down” and was ready for enlightenment

What’s my point. In the end compared to it all were nothing more than smart little monkeys whom if were not careful could be pissing off the wrong one.

©Christopher F. Brown 2007






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